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Make a dancing crowd move to your music!
Due to restrictions CANCELLED: New Dates will be published

Did you ever wish that people would actually dance to the music you are performing?
Can you imagine that a dialogue between you as a Jazz musician and a Swing dancing crowd is possible and fruitful for both? However your answer is, the Swing Jam Session is your platform to join the swing dancing community in Basel and check if your music is grooving.

Bring your instrument and join! Drums, Double Bass and a Mic are available.

VENUE  Restaurant zur Mägd  (upper room)

St. Johanns-Vorstadt 29, 4056 Basel


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Caught fire?
Thats what you need to know when playing for dancers

Basel is a vivid swing dancing community. Swing dancing is mainly a couple dance. The community loves to dance to music of the swing era (`30 & `40) and live music makes them go wild. Your audience takes dancing classes in Lindy Hop, Balboa, Charleston or Shag. All of them are swing dances but they require different tempos varying between 130-200 bpm. The Basel Scene has about 300 active dancers. Make them happy and join the Swing Jam Session.

What makes the difference to a sitting audience?
Dancers need a certain predictability and simplicity. If you try to put yourself in their position you might understand that dancers have similar challenges to master that you have to in-between your band. They love to react to different dynamics and breaks in the music. At the same time they have to keep rhythm and form, connect to a dancing partner and agree to dance movements. Thus several lines of communication are happening. Communication between musicians and dancers and communication among the dancing couple.
Spread your steady beat to the dancing crowd and enjoy of this groovy feel. Remember the times when jazz music was part of a dancing scene?
Lets re-experience that together!

Bring your instrument and join!

Drums, Double Bass and a Mics are available.

Tempo Range

The swing dances require a certain tempo range.

  • 120-135 bpm = Slow

  • 136-155 bpm = Medium

  • 156-200 bpm = Fast


Ideas for Songs

  • After you’ve gone

  • Airmail Special

  • All of me

  • C Jam Blues

  • Dark Eyes

  • Dinah

  • Fly me to the moon

  • Flying Home

  • Good Queen Bess

  • Honey Suckle Rose

  • I may be wrong

  • Is you is or is you ain’t my baby

  • Jumping on the woodside

  • Limehouse Blues

  • Minor Swing

  • Sandu

  • Sunny side of the Street

  • Sweet Georgia

  • Tickle Toe

  • Whoa Babe

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